Ca$h Calendar raffle tickets on sale now

Fort McMurray (July 20, 2020) — Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta is excited to announce that their Ca$h Calendar Raffle Tickets are now on sale.

When you buy a Ca$h Calendar, you will be entered to win some amount of money every weekday during the month of November 2020. Your ticket will be valid for all draws, so there are 21 chances to win, with the highest payout being $1000 a day.

The Ca$h Calendar raises funds for Girls Inc. to ensure the only gender-specific programming in the Wood Buffalo Region remains free for participants ages 6-18. The funds will also be used to accelerate Girls Inc.’s approach to keep offering virtual programs while filling the systemic gap between the haves and have nots — which has deepened even more as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether due to lack of access to resources, information or family support, greater isolation of girls in the marginalized communities has been the result. Even amongst the virtual program participants, over 70 per cent have indicated that they “feel empty” in the absence of in-person interactions. Girls Inc. COVID-19 Safety and Recovery Project supported by the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and Wood Buffalo Community Foundation is one solution that Girls Inc. is pursuing.

The project will enhance social inclusion and the well-being of 250 individuals, prioritizing ones in greater isolation often residing in the under-served, remote Indigenous communities. As one of the most vulnerable populations in the community we will be delivering one-on-one supports through curb-side visits with program package delivery as well as direct check-in phone-calls/messaging, as complementary services to the ongoing virtual programming.

The project will:

1) Increase girls’ skills, knowledge and resources of navigating crisis situations;

2) Improve girls’ sense of connection and self-esteem; and

3) Strengthen readiness and adaptability to the new climate.

In doing so, the project will fill the existing gap while applying a gender-specific approach to the COVID-19 recovery efforts in the region and contribute to building community resiliency in the long-term.

Additionally, half the funds raised will go to the Fort McMurray Boys and Girls Club (FMBGC) as they work to rebuild after the Clearwater River Flood destroyed their building and materials inside.

This year has been filled with uncertainty, insecurity and volatility, especially in our community where many non-profits, businesses and individuals are tacking multiple layers of barriers – even thicker and taller ones then before,” said Nanase Tonda, Executive Director of Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta. “Learning about the impact that the flooding had on the FMBGC, I immediately proposed that we help each other. The FMBGC had offered their facility to run our programs in the past, and they are a key agent in our community who inspires and empowers ‘girls’.”

There have been 1000 tickets printed and will be on sale until they are sold out. To purchase a ticket, you can call the Girls Inc. office at 780-790-9236 or email admin@GirlsIncOfNorthernAlberta.Org.

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