August Cash Calendar 2019 Winners Girls Inc of Northern Alberta

Thank you to everyone who purchased a Ca$h Calendar from Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta.

Your support means that our programming can stay free for all girls across the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

If you’re a winner please contact or call our office at 780 790 9236.

You will need to bring a piece of photo ID to claim your prize.

If you didn’t get to purchase a calendar please consider donating.

Read more about our programming here.

Aug. 1 $500Vanessa Vey
Aug. 2 $200Lori Lane
Aug. 3$50Ashley George
Aug. 4$100Aurick DeSousa
Aug. 5$300Neil White
Aug. 6 $200Riz Fazal
Aug. 7 $100Ian Osborn
Aug. 8$50Laura Jraverse
Aug. 9$200Natalie Scott
Aug. 10 $100Janet Justy
Aug. 11$300Dwayne Lewis
Aug. 12 $100Brian Bennett
Aug. 13 $50Colleen Hamilton
Aug. 14$100Siobhan Kiernan
Aug. 15$600Kitti P
Aug. 16$50Dean Tabin
Aug. 17$100Jenny Musgrave
Aug. 18$50Gaylene Reynolds
Aug. 19 $300Wayne and Barbara Jackson
Aug. 20 $100Kim Bursey Troake
Aug. 21 $50Meagan Kwiatkowski
Aug. 22 $200Heath McFadden
Aug. 23 $100Igor Merci
Aug. 24 $50Shannon McInnis
Aug. 25 $100Todd Hewlett
Aug. 26$100Austin Giles
Aug. 27 $50Lori Jacobs
Aug. 28$200Vanessa Vey
Aug. 29 $100Jason Maygard
Aug. 30$50Courtney Bethone
Aug. 31$50Bev Seaman

AGLC Raffle # 528094