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Zombie Run in Support of the United Way Campaign Fort McMurray

Banner 7th Annual Coming Sept 2018

The Zombie Run is our annual fundraiser for the United Way Campaign. It’s a fun run where runners attempt to survive 5km through the zombie infested Birchwood Trails.  Runners start the race wearing a belt with 3 flags on it; zombies who are strategically placed along the route will try to capture the runner’s flags.

The run concludes with a BBQ for the survivors, non survivors, zombies and volunteers, and for those who finish with flags, they can be exchanged for raffle tickets to be entered into a draw for a chance to win prizes.

If you are interested in sponsoring this event, donating prizes, or volunteering, please email girlsinc@telus.net.

Photos by Stacey Grant at Northern Highlights Media from the 2015 Zombie Run in Support of the United Way Campaign.

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