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Zombie Run in Support of the United Way Campaign Fort McMurray

Banner 7th Annual Coming Sept 2018

The Zombie Run is our annual fundraiser for the United Way Campaign. It’s a fun run where runners attempt to survive 5km through the zombie infested Birchwood Trails.  Runners start the race wearing a belt with 3 flags on it; zombies who are strategically placed along the route will try to capture the runner’s flags.

The run concludes with a BBQ for the survivors, non survivors, zombies and volunteers, and for those who finish with flags, they can be exchanged for raffle tickets to be entered into a draw for a chance to win prizes.

Pledge Sheets in collection for the United Way Campaign and registration forms will be emailed to you when you sign up on Eventbrite. Please feel free to direct any questions to the Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta office at 780-790-9236.

Download the Registration form here: Zombie Run Waiver & Pledge Sheet 2018

Registration Fees and Pledges are due race day September 29th 2018.

In addition to runners, the Zombie Apocalypse is going to need: Lots and lots of Zombies, Make Up Artists, Setup and Tear-down Volunteers! (please register below)

The run will start and end at the Doug Barnes Cabin (Birchwood Trails, on the Bear Trail) – with a barbecue for the survivors, non survivors, zombies and volunteers.

Photos by Stacey Grant at Northern Highlights Media from the 2015 Zombie Run in Support of the United Way Campaign.


8:00 AM            Site Setup, Tents and Route Marking

10:00                Zombie Registration  & Makeup

12 PM              Runner Registration

1:00 PM            Race begins

3:00 PM            BBQ


  • Runners have one job, make it to the end of a 5km run alive.  Zombies have one job… eat brains.
  • Upon registering for the race, runners will be given a flag belt with 3 flags, this race will play out like an intense game of flag football. These flags represent runners “health/brains.”  Zombies want to “eat brains” by stealing flags from runners.
  • Runners will need to use speed and strategy to make it to the finish line alive.  If a runner loses all of their health flags, they die (don’t worry, we’ll see them at the finish line for a BBQ).  Replacement flags may be purchased along the rout at the water stations, 3 flags for $20.
  • At the end of the race flags will be exchanged for tickets (1 flag = 1 ticket, 2 flags = 2 tickets, etc.) to be entered into a raffle prize draw.
  • This is a fundraising event in support of the United Way of Fort McMurray, we are encouraging all participants  (runner and zombies) to raise pledges. For every $20 in pledges you raise you will receive 1 ticket ($20 raised = 1 ticket, $40 raised = 2 tickets, etc.) to be entered into a raffle draw…. More tickets, more chances to win prizes!



  • Registration for Runners will start at 12pm outside the Doug Barnes Cabin (Birchwood Trails entrance).
  • A registration fee of $50 and pledges will be collected upon registering.  The Registration Fee will be waived for runners who raise $150 in pledges for the United Way of Fort McMurray.


  • Registration for Zombies will start at 11am outside the Doug Barnes Cabin (Birchwood Trails entrance).
  • Registration for Zombies is free, however, Zombies are strongly encouraged to raise pledges for the United Way.


  • Volunteers are also encouraged to raise pledges for the United Way in exchange for raffle tickets.


  • Costumes are encouraged for everyone, runners and zombies!
  • Bring an official form of identification (license, passport, photo ID, etc.) or a parent/ guardian if you are a minor.  We will not be able to let you into the event otherwise.
  • Check the weather before the event to make sure you are prepared (warm gear, cold gear, wet gear, umbrellas, rain boots, running shoes, etc.)
  • Parking will be available at the Casman Centre parking lot across Thickwood Boulevard.