Food Education for a Healthy Mind! Workshop October 8th

We are our health.  In our busy, “fast food-take out”, on-the-go lifestyle, we have moved away from the importance of nourishing our bodies and our minds and have replaced it with unwholesome habits and behaviors that keep us in a state of imbalance.  Being healthy is intuitive to us that is if we slow down and listen!  So lets stop ignoring our body’s cry for health and happiness and acknowledge our responsibility for our own well-being.  Demystifying food facts from fiction and a return to eating whole foods from the earth is a step in the path to our health.  Eat food, REAL food as nature intended, and you will feel a WHOLE lot better. What are you eating?​

Join Holistic Health Practitioner Kaitlin Armstrong for a Healthy Living and Eating Educational seminar on Tuesday October 8th where you will receive the basic tools you need to start removing the excess toxins in your life and taking steps to live a cleaner and healthier lifestyle.  Enjoy time for questions and discussion to help explore deeper your needs in hopes to bring better health of the mind, body and soul.  There will be nutritious snacks and beverages to enjoy as well as simple recipes to take home and try yourself.

If you would like to further your exploration in living a more balanced and healthy lifestyle, please check out for more information and support.

CMHA Healthy Eating Poster