Girls Inc. Green Beast Team!

socialmediaDo you want to know how you and your daughter can support and help raise money for Girls Inc., WHILE doing something awesomely fun and exciting!? Read on! We promise this is something fun!

When the sun rises on the morning of Aug 31, 2014, The Green Beast will come to Fort McMurray, and MacDonald Island Park will be transformed into the craziest live-action game-world of all-time!

The ‘GREEN BEAST’ Challenge ( is a 6-hour amazing-race-style event, which takes place on a live-action course assembled out of carnival rides, obstacle courses, inflatables, games and physical trials.

Us ladies hope to form a team with a bunch of Girls Inc. girls. All we need is your permission for your daughter’s participation (forms can be found at our Summer Camp, office or on our website), $40 to cover the registration fee, your help in gathering pledges for your daughter (registration costs can come out of this), and the possibility of you to transport your daughter there on carnival day! (More details will be sent out and solidified as we get closer to the date.) Our fundraising goal is $5,000 and we have a starting goal of $200 raised per girl! But no sweat if you don’t reach the goal! And awesome job if you raise more!!!

If your daughter isn’t much of a carnival goer, you can always just choose to donate money towards our team! We appreciate any support you wish to give us! Also, if you know anyone who might be interested in registering as an individual or team in support of Girls Inc., spread the word! We will be making posts on our Facebook page so your daughter, or yourself, can easily share them.

Or form a team of your own of friends, family or coworkers in support of Girls Inc. (you would be considered a team sponsor), and your team will be added to our Girls Inc. Green Beast fundraising website that can be easily shared online. Rock the Green Beast and support your favorite cause! (

For more information on how to register, email

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