Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta’s 6th Woman of Inspiration 2016-2017 Presented by Syncrude Announced

November 2016

Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta’s 6th Woman of Inspiration 2016-2017 Presented by Syncrude Announced


(Fort McMurray) Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta and Syncrude are proud to announce the 6th nominee for the Women of Inspiration series 2016-2017:

Yvonne Ormson

Ms. Ormson moved to Fort McMurray seven years ago from the West Coast of B.C. She was raised in Gibbons B.C. and raised her family in Powell River. Yvonne enjoys life in Fort McMurray and attends as many of the arts/events/ galas as possible.

Yvonne believes that “those of us in a better situation have an obligation to assist those of us who may be in need. In truth it is an honour and a privilege to serve others and to give them a hand up.”

Yvonne lives her belief and is a strong advocate for people in Fort McMurray. She has a BA in psychology and a diploma in Development Disabilities and an Associate degree in Sociology. She is currently the Educational Program Manager for the Wood Buffalo Food Bank. She facilitates basic shelf, financial literacy, slow cooker and many other programs that are offered by the Food Bank. As a former worker at the Centre of Hope, Yvonne brought her compassion and enthusiasm with her to the Food Bank’s clients. Yvonne believes that everyone deserves to be heard and to be treated equally. She always manages to create strong relationships with the clients that far exceed the instructor/ student dynamic. She creates confidence and a sense of trust for her clients. Yvonne creates an engaging and welcome atmosphere where everyone learns together. Yvonne is committed to having all of her students succeed. Long after the clients have finished the program, they continue to visit and let Yvonne know how they are doing. Recently an aboriginal man graduated from her Basic Shelf class and in appreciation and celebration he sang her a traditional song a sign of the respect he has for her.

One of Yvonne‘s clients describes her “she is a very warm and inviting person and makes you feel like you have known her forever and if you had a personal moment that you could turn to her for advice and it be kept between you. She is always interested in knowing about how we are doing, and remembers to ask about how things are going the next time she sees you. I feel that the classes she teaches in basic shelf as well as the slow cooker class are very essential not only in the context of budgets and cooking but it opens your eyes to other walks of life and you find yourself being more open minded because of her accepting attitude of people regardless of who they are or where they come from. I would take the class a hundred times if I could because she is such a compassionate person and you want to be more like her by just being around her.”

Yvonne like many others lost her home in the wildfire. Instead of going home to save her belongings, she remained at her post at the MacDonald Island ESS Centre talking to people and reassuring them. She gives her time every day. Despite losing everything to the fire, Yvonne returned to work because she believes that her programs are the support system that everyone needs. Yvonne states “If the last five months have taught me anything, it has been to reiterate that life is fragile and precious. We need to appreciate and make the most of every day. “Yvonne passed on her commitment to her 3 daughters by teaching them that ‘you need to do something every single day, to make the world a better place.”

Another of Yvonne’s clients stated: “I am very privileged to know Yvonne, and to have taken her classes. She is such a devoted and dedicated person to her work, and there are not enough Yvonne’s in this world. She is committed to making our community a better place, whether she does that by improving our lives by one or six people at a time.”  Yvonne is a perfect example of a woman who is Strong, Smart and Bold. Young women of this generation have a true role model to look up to.

Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta and Syncrude will honour Yvonne Ormson and 11 other nominees, at the Women of Inspiration Celebration which will take place in June, 2017.

The Women of Inspiration is a partnership between Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta and Syncrude, with a goal to recognize women throughout the Wood Buffalo region who inspire others, break new ground or old barriers and help create change. The series also aims to show local girls positive role models who live right here.

To nominate a woman of inspiration, please visit our website at or contact the Girls Inc. office at 780-790-9236.

For more information, please contact:
Ann Dort-MacLean
Executive Director – Girls Incorpotaed® of Northern Alberta
Phone: 780-790-9236