Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta’s Second Women of Inspiration (2013-2014) presented by Syncrude Announced

(Fort McMurray, AB) Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta and Syncrude are proud to announce the second nominee for the Women of Inspiration series 2013-2014:

Lori-Anne Jensen

Raised in Fort McMurray, and by the age of 17, Lori-Anne had joined the CO-OP program at Syncrude and started work in the CMS shop, where she eventually became the first female Sheet Metal Journey person in Canada. In her efforts to succeed in the traditionally male dominated trades, Lori-Anne was a pioneer in that she paved the way for other women to break through the old traditions and excel at their chosen craft. Young girls at career days all of a sudden are seeing female technicians working in a shop with all male coworkers, and it is quite the spiritual uplift. It inspires young women to realize that they in fact can do whatever they set their minds to.

Lori-Anne spent 15 years working and enjoying the camaraderie in the CMS shop, however eventually she was ready to start looking for further challenges in her career. After additional training she transitioned into the SH&E department where she has worked on various projects and with numerous people. Extremely well respected and bringing a positive attitude with her every day, Lori-Anne is the senior safety specialist for the WCMP group, and is always encouraging the team to be a little better each day. With a background in the trades she can easily and quickly assess and correct a situation in the field, and the workers can tell that she is speaking from a great deal of experience. In her current role ,Lori-Anne has a team reporting to her that includes some female administration professionals. She assists them to gain knowledge and training that would support their transition into the SH&E field and further into their career.

On a personal level, Lori-Anne is very involved with her family, which is one of her strongest drives. Lori-Anne gives her time freely by coaching her daughter’s ringette team, and traveling to help with her soccer team. This mentoring spirit and her outgoing personality have created a real interest for these young ladies to challenge themselves and look further into their careers to what they could actually achieve.

Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta and Syncrude will honour Lori-Anne and eleven other nominees at the Women of Inspiration Celebration which will take place on May 24th, 2014.

The Women of Inspiration is a partnership between Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta and Syncrude, with a goal to recognize women throughout the Wood Buffalo region who inspire others, break new ground or old barriers and help create change. The series also aims to show local girls positive role models who live right here.

For more information about the Women of Inspiration series, please visit our website at or contact the Girls Inc. office at 780-790-9236.

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