Girls Inc of Northern Alberta

Girls Inc. shows promise (not really) at annual Chew for Charity

Girls Inc of Northern Alberta

Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta had the chance to participate in Chew for Charity on Saturday night. 

The event is put on by Boston Pizza and gives 12 charities the opportunity to win a donation to their organization. 

Girls Inc. staff member, Jenna Hamilton and her family friend represented our organization but their strengths did not lie in the mini games. Okay, Jenna’s strengths did not lie in the mini games. 

Girls Inc of Northern Alberta
Photo: Boston Pizza: Timberlea & Downtown

The first round required both team members to slide an uncooked piece of spaghetti, using their mouth, through the pop can tab and then carry that pop can using the spaghetti noodles to another table. The first team to move all five pop cans won. Girls Inc. moved one can, Jenna blames the less than favourable showing on the height difference between our team. 

To get back into the game, the wild card round required the knocked out charities to strap an empty kleenex box full of plastic balls to their waist and shake their hips until all the balls fell out. The three teams with the best time were allowed back in the competition. 

While there was a valiant effort our team didn’t shake their booty’s enough to get back in the game. 

Thank you Boston Pizza for organizing an amazing event every year! Congratulations to all the other charities that participated.

We will be back to redeem ourselves.

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