Women of Inspiration Celebration 2024

Women of Inspiration 2024

Allison Flett

Allison’s profound commitment to fostering understanding and acknowledging the historical truth of Indigenous Peoples is evident through her diligent work alongside the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Her actions embody the values of Truth & Reconciliation, as she tirelessly advocates for the Indigenous population, seeking to bridge gaps and dispel stereotypes.

Krystell O'Hara

"I've experienced many barriers. Because when you're a woman, an immigrant, and you have an accent, you must constantly prove yourself. That's why having an ally role is so important to me. Because these same barriers are very present for many people, and not everyone can overcome them easily," Krystell explained, shedding light on her dedication to community service.

Denean Robinson

In Denean’s words, “Go for your dream. Don’t feel intimidated, because really, you can do anything you put your mind to.” These inspiring words encapsulate the spirit of our 3rd Woman of Inspiration 2023-2024 Series, Denean Robinson. Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta proudly announces the recognition of Denean Robinson, President & CEO of the Fort McMurray Airport Authority (FMAA), for her extraordinary achievements and dedication to breaking barriers in the aviation industry.