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Zombie Run Information for Participants & Volunteers!

Hello Zombies, Runners and Volunteers!

First of all, thank you for participating in our 2nd Annual Girls Inc. Zombie Run in support of United Way Fort McMurray. We hope you have an awesome time, as we heard great things about last year’s run! Please read on to find instructions for your “role” for the day!

The schedule for the day is as follows:

October 5th 2013 Event Day Timeline:

10:30 am Event Setup Volunteers
11:00 am Zombie Registration / Makeup-  Zombie 101 training
12:00 pm Runners/ Survivors registration
1:00 pm Run begins!
2:30 pm BBQ Courtesy of Kal Tire
  Mark Amy Treatment Center will be selling Zombie sweet treats.Finger food, Brain Cupcakes and Voodoo Doll cookies!
2:45 Prizes will be awarded to the first survivors and goriest Zombies!


Location: Doug Barns Cabin 190 Tamarack Drive

Remember to dress warm, as it might be a little chilly! (Forecast says high of 13 degrees Celsius.) This will of course vary for each of you, as some of you will be running, some of you will be chasing, and some of you will be standing still. So bring layers and judge how much you will need depending on your activity! After the run there will be a barbeque for everyone to enjoy, and some zombie treats for purchase!


Event Setup Volunteers:

We ask that you arrive by 10:30am, as you will be helping with the set-up of obstacles, water-stations and trail markers around the 5km course, as well as with registration of runners and zombies when they start to arrive. We will meet at the Doug Barnes cabin, and you will each be directed to which task you will be doing.

Zombies, Zombie Makeup Artists:

We ask that you arrive at 11:00am for registration and make-up, training etc. We do have supplies ready for you; however you can bring your own make-up along as well! We will be meeting at the Doug Barnes cabin, just look for the tent marked for Zombies! When everyone is ready, there will be a “Zombie 101 training”, where we will discuss the rules out on the course!

Health Station Wardens:

We ask you to arrive at 11:00 am. You will be placed along the trail to oversee the health of survivors, by selling replacement Flags and handing out water bottles. This will be a “Zombie free” zone. But you are welcome to attend dressed as a Zombie.


We ask that you please arrive at 12:00pm, and get registered and ready for the run to begin at 1:00pm. Look for the tent marked for Runners and we will set you up with everything that you will need. Water stations / Health Stations will be available throughout the course, so no need to worry about water belts. Just bring your best running shoes and appropriate clothing! Water stations will be “Zombie free” zones where you can get water and pay for replacement health flags if needed ($20).


See you all tomorrow!