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Girls Incorporated of Northern Alberta is currently recruiting new Volunteer Board Members. Board members are required to be highly engaged in donor cultivation, fundraising, special events, and increasing membership; board members who can put into practice the following skills: business development, marketing, social media, networking with small to large businesses, and finance.

If you are interested in joining our Board please email: GirlsInc@Telus.net

Board of Directors

Board President - Lana Hill

Vice President - Lisa Decker

Board Secretary - Angela MacDonald

Board Treasurer - Nora Kirkpatrick

Board Director - Annalee Nutter

Board Director - Dale Baggs

Board Director - Dean Tabin

Board Director - Emilie Giroux

Board Director - Maggie Farrington

Board Director - Pam Waltho-Young

Board Director - Therese Picton

Board Director - Amber MacIsaac

Board Director - Natalya Barney

Board Director - Jessica Jackson

Board Director - Manjit Athwal