90% of Girls Inc. teens say they can use what they know to solve “real-life” problems in their communities.

Girls participate in program activities and experiences that build the learning, skills, and behaviors that increase confidence and resilience, enabling them to set and achieve their goals and lead productive, independent, and fulfilling lives. 


With Life Skills Instruction girls:

Improve their self and emotional control.

The majority of these programs are offered in-school. 

Girls Inc of Northern Alberta

Girls Against Bullying Alliance

Girls explore the magnitude of bullying; how it affects people, how to deal with it, how to seek help and the importance of healthy relationships. 

Girls Inc. Project BOLD®

Girls strengthen their abilities to lead safer lives by developing strategies for self-defence and advocating on violence issues.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings is a designed to equip participants with the tools to break the cycle of gender based violence (GVB) and intergenerational violence (IGV) surrounding Indigenous girls and women in northern Alberta. 

Girls Inc. Media Literacy®

Girls learn the skills they need to think critically about what the media is really telling them. 

Power of Stories

Through the "Teachings of the Grandmothers" girls explore the values of honesty, respect, love, patience, courage, acceptance and wisdom. 

Girls Inc. Staying Strong Mentoring Program

Girls and trained mentors build positive relationships through various activities and become leaders in their local community. 

Our Partners

Thanks to the generous support of our many partners we are able to offer all of our programs free of charge.

Girls Beware

In a one day workshop girls 12-16 years old will learn more about age appropriate topics from community partners sharing knowledge and expertise. 

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