Building on our flagship programs Project Bold (self defence and violence prevention program) & Media Smarts (medial literacy program promoting critical and deconstruction of media stereotypes ).

The #GIRLSTOO program is working to create a cultural shift towards supporting survivors, breaking the silence around sexual violence and providing education about consent, gender equality and healthy relationships. This program introduces participants to community experts and resources.

Why is #GIRLSTOO important?

Girls Inc. believes that girls have the right to have confidence in themselves and be safe in the world. Girls are entitled to feel safe as they go through life, and they are entitled to be safe in their homes, schools, and communities. In Canada, girls and young women are disproportionately victims of domestic violence and rape or sexual abuse. Girls especially experience gender-based violence which, in addition to physical and sexual abuse, includes sexual harassment including partner or dating violence.

1 in 4 Girls

About the program

#GIRLSTOO engages girls and young women as important agents of change— developing their collective strategies and skills to help their communities live up to expectations for better treatment. Girls can feel safer and be safer, we believe, through programs that address both self- protection and community
change. The #GIRLSTOO program contains an art component where girls have the opportunity to create art and display their creations at an exhibit for the community to view and discuss. This art component is completed in conjunction with local artists.

Some Learning Outcomes

  • Increased awareness on the topics of Gender Based Violence (GBV)
  • Increased access to community resources.
  • Enhanced community resilience to GBV

Session 1: Defining Gender Based Violence

  • Learning our rights
  • Discussing topics such as: sexual abuse, assault and sexual harassment
  • Learning about community resources

Session 2: Healthy Relationships 

  • What does a healthy relationship look like?
  • What is consent?
  • What are boundaries?

Session 3: Self Defense 

  • Learning 10-15 self defense moves that will help build self confidence and gain the ability to protect oneself

Session 4: Representation 

  • Using media literacy we will look at how girls and women are portrayed in the media and how that relates to GBV.
  • Understanding our voice matters

Session 5: Painting Prep/ review 

  • Reviewing content of past sessions to create a rough draft of art work

Session 6: Self Expression

  • A local artist will work with the girls to create art that expresses their thoughts, feelings and knowledge surrounding GBV.




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