COVID-19 Response

Fostering a New Way to Connect

Over 70 per cent of virtual Girls Inc. participants have indicated that they "feel empty" in the absence of in-person interactions.

Girls Inc. COVID-19 Safety and Recovery Project

The project will enhance social inclusion and the well-being of 250 individuals, prioritizing ones in greater isolation often residing in the under-served, remote Indigenous communities.

As one of the most vulnerable populations in the community we will be delivering one-on-one supports through curb-side visits with program package delivery as well as direct check-in phone-calls/emails, as complementary services to the ongoing virtual programming.

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The project will:

1) Increase girls' skills, knowledge and resources of navigating crisis situations;

2) Improve girls' sense of connection and self-esteem; and

3) Strengthen readiness and adaptability to the new climate.

The project will fill the existing gap while applying a gender-specific approach to the COVID-19 recovery efforts in the region and contribute to building community resiliency in the long-term.

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