Finning Canada STEM Award

Finning Canada STEM Award

In the realm of STEM, women have historically been underrepresented, with only 16% of female university students enrolling in STEM degree programs in 2021.

At Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta, in partnership with Finning Canada, we’re determined to shift this narrative by dismantling gender and financial barriers that inhibit girls from pursuing STEM careers.

We’re proud to offer two scholarships, each valued at $3,500, to propel young women from the Wood Buffalo region into STEM fields. These scholarships, which have seen a significant increase from $1,000 to $3,500, are designed to support students either entering or already enrolled in post-secondary STEM programs, including diverse applied sciences like nursing, economics, and medicine.

One scholarship specifically supports a young woman engaged in a STEM program at the post-secondary level, with preference for those who have participated in Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta’s Operation SMART program and reside within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Additionally, a $3,500 scholarship is dedicated to an Indigenous young woman or a candidate deeply involved in Indigenous communities, who is pursuing STEM studies post-secondary. This scholarship also prioritizes applicants from the Girls Inc. Operation SMART program within the same region.

Our scholarships extend to non-traditional STEM fields provided the applicant can demonstrate the use of STEM principles to challenge and redefine gender stereotypes. Through this initiative, we aim to empower the next generation of women to innovate, lead, and break new ground in STEM.

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Reaching SMART bridges Indigenous knowledge and “western science” together to connect girls to land and culture, while inspiring them to consider careers in STEM related fields.