Girls Inc. Run Club

In Canada only 5% of children and youth achieve the recommended 60 minutes a day of moderate to vigorous physical activity.

Girls experience even lower rates of physical activity than boys.


Girls Inc of Northern Alberta

Why is a girls-only environment important for Run Club?

The Girls Inc. Run Club has been developed to create a girls only environment where young girls could feel comfortable to be active, develop friendships, recognize their potentials & strengths, and gain confidence in their abilities to be physically active and with their bodies.


Girls Inc of Northern Alberta

The focus of the Girls Inc. Run Club  is to give girls an environment where they can build their self-esteem, develop healthy body images (zero talk of weight loss or dieting) and have open discussions on such topics as running technique, how to deal with stress, and the benefits of eating healthy and physical activity.


Girls Inc. Run club meets twice a week to exercise / practice. During our time together we will practice running, weight training, working on speed & agility and incorporating games to build stamina.  All hard work will pay off when our team takes part in the 5 KM race during the MacDonald Island Park Marathon in September of 2019.

All fitness levels are welcome for girls ages 9-15. Our Run Club is free of charge, we just ask that a commitment is made to attend most sessions.

Girls Inc of Northern Alberta Run Club participate in Fort McMurray Marathon 2019

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