Girls Inc. Mind+Body

Girls Inc. Mind+Body supports and promotes the whole girl of girls ages 6 to 18, using a philosophy which recognizes that many factors, including physical and mental wellness, contribute to girls’ health.

Consequently, the Initiative focuses on four critical content areas: 

Physical Activity:

Every girl can find a type of physical activity that she not only enjoys, but that also accommodates her lifestyle, culture, and schedule. 


Body Image:

Girls of all shapes, sizes, weights, and capabilities have the right to feel good about their bodies and appreciate the bodies of others. 


It is possible for girls to identify a strategy for healthy eating that works for her body, circumstance, budget, home life, culture, and activity level. 

Stress Management:

It is important for girls to understand that stress is a normal and acceptable part of life, and that handling stress in a healthy way is a key factor in having a strong and healthy body and mind. 

Why is a healthy living program for girls important?

Girls today face a broad range of challenges to their physical, mental, social, and emotional health: a culture of high-fat and high sugar foods; too little physical activity; media and cultural messages overemphasizing the importance of physical appearance; and unrealistic expectations and pressures from a variety of sources (including family, teachers, and peers).

These challenges and the unhealthy strategies that girls too often adopt to address or cope with them can prevent girls from reaching their full potential. Girls deserve a supportive environment for developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and they deserve to be involved in decisions about their health. A positive youth development approach can be key to equipping girls with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and support for maintaining a positive