Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta 7th Woman of Inspiration 2013-2014 Presented by Syncrude Announced

(Fort McMurray) Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta and Syncrude are proud to announce the 7th nominee for the Women of Inspiration series 2013-2014:

Julie Dolmont

Julie Dolmont has been an advisor for the Mayor’s Advisory Council on Youth (MACOY) since 2008. However, Julie is much more than just an advisor for the youth of MACOY; she is their mentor and role model. Julie is committed to making positive changes in the lives of youth by empowering them to get actively engaged in the Fort McMurray community.

She not only supports them in having their voice heard in the decisions that affect them, but she also encourages them to be champions in the community. There are currently 28 youth with MACOY, 19 of which are ladies. These ladies wanted to do something truly special in honour of Julie for all she has done for them, so the following announcement  has been compiled by personal messages from a few of the MACOY ladies in support Julie’s nomination.

Through her role as a MACOY advisor, part of her job is to serve as a role model and a leader for the youth of this region, but her dedication to youth and her passion for this community extend far beyond office hours. As a supportive and dedicated mentor to several youth in our community, Julie has inspired many younger girls with her passionate spirit. “Bold, compassionate, kind, smart, trustworthy, and a great leader are just a few of the many words to describe Julie,” Salauni tells us. “[She guides] us through what we can do to support our community and provide new ideas for better changes we could make to our city.” Julie is constantly guiding, supporting and encouraging everyone around her. It could be something small but it would have a positive affect and mean so much to women and girls in the community. Julie truly goes far beyond the call of duty and is always focusing on helping others. “She is an amazing mentor and is always doing everything in her power to ensure that we have everything we need to succeed and achieve our goals,” says Sara, a MACOY alumnus.

Julie has always brought a positive impact to other women and girls around her by guiding them through their problems, encouraging others, and having an incredible amount of patience. Mentoring young teens in the community is an important role, and Julie takes the initiative to build friendly relationships with the people among her. “She is a strong, kind, bold and absolutely an intelligent woman,” Sara continues, “she is a great advocate and mentor for females and is loved and treasured by countless people.” Melissa, another MACOY alumnus, explained that “Julie has been my role model since day 1 and I don’t think she realizes the amazing impact she has made in my life. I truly admire her passion and the endless opportunities she has provided me. Five years ago I would have never seen myself as a leader for the community but Julie has taught me how to achieve anything I set my mind to and I am forever grateful for this. She has taught me, as well as many others how to be an advocate for our region and to have a voice in our community.” Rather than leading from the front, Julie is described as the type of leader who stands behind youth, encouraging and supporting them to have faith in their own voices and actions. She is a motivator and an encourager of big dreams, and goes above and beyond to provide the guidance to turn those dreams into realities. “Our accomplishments in MACOY are centered on our mentors for guiding us to the right paths,” Sara concludes, and it is clear that Julie is considered a role model to the young women in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Apart from the role of a motivational mentor, Julie enthusiastically demonstrates the role of a good, notable citizen, whether it be by her tiny choices of supporting local, environmentally friendly businesses or her big decisions such as organizing several community events. “She has taught us to take pride in the various colors of our community and tries to engage youth in character boosting activities such as Girl Empowerment Seminars, the Mayors Advisory Council on Youth and several other charity events,” explains Ripple. Julie has the ability to empower and engage the youth of our region to make a significant difference in our community, and it is through her dedication to the young girls, and to all youth, in MACOY, she is part of one of the greatest positive forces that exists in Wood Buffalo.

“As these young women move forward, they will have no better model for how they can support and encourage the future generation of youth than Julie, which can only lead to more of those positive ripples of change,” exclaims Mayor Melissa Blake. Julie has inspired so many young ladies, and is a true inspiration to all girls and woman; in particular the ladies with the Mayor’s Advisory Council on Youth. Ripple goes on to say, “there are several great people in our community. However, there is one very powerful woman amongst us who demonstrates all these amazing attributes and mends the lives of several community members. This lady is Julie Dolmont!” Brooke, another MACOY alumnus, declares that “Julie is the embodiment of a humble and selfless leader, and a true role model for women and girls.”

Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta and Syncrude will honour Julie and 11 other nominees, at the Women of Inspiration Celebration which will take place June 14th, 2014 at the Sawridge Hotel..

The Women of Inspiration is a partnership between Girls Inc. of Northern Alberta and Syncrude, with a goal to recognize women throughout the Wood Buffalo region who inspire others, break new ground or old barriers and help create change. The series also aims to show local girls positive role models who live right here.

To nominate a woman of inspiration, please visit our website at or contact the Girls Inc. office at 780-790-9236.

For more information, please contact:

Ann Dort-MacLean
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